How Google Handles Requests From the Feds

How Google Handles Requests From the Feds


In the past Google has taken a lot of flak over the amount of data they collect on their users.  This would be a goldmine in the wrong hands, which makes us curious how much info Google willing releases to law enforcement.  The answer? Apparently Google is pretty tight lipped about what they know about you, unless all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted.

According to Google’s legal team if an inquiry is received from the Feds or law enforcement in regards to getting access to your email account, they first make sure the request is a legal and lawful request.  Once that has been determined, they will analyze the scope of the request, making sure they are not asking for too much.  If they are, Google will reply asking them to narrow their scope of investigation or outright refuse the request.  They will do none of this without a valid, signed, search warrant.  And finally if an inquiry is received, Google will notify you of the inquiry so you may seek appropriate legal counsel.

All this is quite refreshing and I hope Google isn’t just fluffing our skirts, but it appears they are looking out for the little guy.  This should put those at ease that were worried about just how much Google really knows about you!

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