Android Clear Leader in 2012 Smartphone Sales

Android Clear Leader in 2012 Smartphone Sales



Android has been labeled the “undisputed volume leader” by Neil Mawston of Strategy Analytics, because of dominating the market percentage over Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Even with a large increase in sales over last year, it was not enough for iOS to budge the deficit.

In total there were an estimated 700.1 million smartphones shipped in 2012 which is up from the 490.5 million handsets in 2011.  While it is not really a fair fight due to the fact there are many low end handsets on the market, Apple really only has two fighters in the game.  Pulling a 20% market share is somewhat reminiscent of the movie 300. [Spoiler Alert]  In the end the Spartans were defeated, but they took out quite a few Persians on the way!

To be really honest, 20% is actually rather impressive considering Apple really is only competing with a few handsets globally (iPhone 4, 4S and 5) versus the many, many Android competitors.

This latest information basically reveals nothing we didn’t already know, but it is interesting to see the actual estimated numbers and contemplate on the sheer magnitude in the volume of mobile phones out there.

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