Canonical Asks Community to Create 12 Default Ubuntu Phone Apps

Canonical Asks Community to Create 12 Default Ubuntu Phone Apps


The whole thing with Linux and Ubuntu is that it’s supposed to be free and it’s supposed to be supported by the community. The same kind of approach is now being taken by Canonical in its creation of the Ubuntu Phone OS, as they are turning to the development community to create the 12 default apps for the upcoming smartphone platform.

You know how when you get an Android, Windows Phone, iPhone or whatever else that it comes pre-populated with some basic apps? Someone has to make those. With Ubuntu Phone OS, Canonical is asking the Ubuntu Phone OS community to chip in, which is a departure from the earlier situation where Canonical was criticized for “an alleged closed doors approach to development.”

There are 12 core apps that will ship with the phone: calendar, clock, weather, calculator, email, RSS, file manager, document viewer, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Terminal and account manager. Canonical has already reached out for programming volunteers, but they are still looking for design suggestions for the apps themselves. In a sense, this is a crowdsourcing project.

If you feel like chipping in, then you can head over to the CoreApps page on the Ubuntu wiki, click on the app you want to work on, and contribute to the wiki.