Hundreds of Thousands of Apps Aside, Email Checking is a Major Activity...

Hundreds of Thousands of Apps Aside, Email Checking is a Major Activity for iPad Users


Some of you may wonder what people do most on their Apple iPads.  Well, wonder no more.  InrediMail took it upon themselves to find out and polled 4400 iPad owners and asked them a series of questions.  Among those questions, 90 % of iPad owners rated accessing their email as either extremely important or very important.  The research was published yesterday and helps to answer some questions in this specified niche.

Now for the strange, 97 percent of the iPad users that were surveyed stated they used the device to read email.  However, only near two thirds of those sent replies.  Were they just too lazy to reply from the iPad, or is their inbox just like mine, riddled with email from distant Nigerian princes and grandkids locked in Mexican prisons needing bail money?  At any rate, not as many clicking reply as you would think.

The preferred app to access email on the iPad has Apple’s mail application as the clear winner with a 41 % use rate.  Following behind in second is the Gmail app with 31 % and Hotmail trailing with only 13 %.

What is your main use for your iPad: apps, web browsing, email?  Which mail program do you use, is your inbox as littered with junk mail as mine?

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