RIM CEO Admits They May Consider Selling Their Hardware Division in the...

RIM CEO Admits They May Consider Selling Their Hardware Division in the Future


While Blackberry 10’s launch is just around the corner, there are still those that say RIM has little chance of recovery if they keep down the same path. This is why many of those naysayers believe that RIM should consider selling its hardware business.

While I personally think RIM is a good company and Blackberry 10 could have a chance at revitalizing the Blackberry world, RIM’s CEO Thorsten Heins has now admitted that they are considering multiple paths for the future– including the posibility of selling its hardware division after the launch of Blackberry 10.

Heins mentions the possibility of selling their hardware through German newspaper Die Welt (translation):

This strategic review is still running, even if the pressure… has decreased. We do not want to limit our options… There are several options, including the sale of the hardware production… But there is no reason for us to decide in hectic. It is important first of all, BlackBerry 10 successfully putting them on the market. Then we shall see.

Keep in mind that Thorsten Heins is NOT confirming plans to sell RIM’s Blackberry line, he is simply stating that they understand various options and keep them in mind as they look to the future. What do you think, does BB10 have what it takes to make a big difference for RIM or are they better off moving out of the hardware business and focusing on other possible avenues?

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