LG Overtakes Apple in U.S. Handset Market Sales

LG Overtakes Apple in U.S. Handset Market Sales


When it comes to United States smartphone sales, Apple is clearly king controlling a record 53 % of US smartphone market.

Looking at the bigger picture of all handset sales (feature and smartphone combined), Apple has solidly kept in second place ever since the release of the iPhone 4S– until now. A new report suggests that LG has taken the 2nd place spot, knocking Apple to third overall.

The report released by Hong Kong’s Counterpoint Research on Sunday said that LG had captured 13 % of the U.S. phone market sales last month, while Apple recorded only 12 %. Both LG and Apple are trailing big time however to longtime leader Samsung with a 33 % share of the market in December.

So what’s going on to push LG over Apple overall? While their feature phone marketshare probably hasn’t changed a whole lot,  LG just recently had announced 1 millions Optimus G units sold worldwide, and that coupled with sales of the Nexus 4 added to the rise in total sales last month.

Still, holding 3rd place in all feature/smartphone sales in the United States is pretty impressive for Apple nonetheless, when you consider that Apple only sells smartphones. What do you think of this market leader change, does it surprise you or not?

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