300 Million Year Old Aluminum Gear Evidence of Ancient Alien Civilization?

300 Million Year Old Aluminum Gear Evidence of Ancient Alien Civilization?


While the bit about an extraterrestrial invasion may require a certain leap of faith, a recent find in Russia has proven to be quite fascinating. Apparently, a resident of Vladivostok was using some coal to heat up his home on a cold winter night when he saw that there was a metal piece in the middle of a chunk of coal. Inspecting further, he found a rail-shaped aluminum detail that he then extracted and brought to local scientists in the Primorye region of Russia.

The “leading experts” dated the metal object at about 300 million years old, based on the known age of the coal deposits from the region. Normally, this isn’t such a big deal, but it very much looks like this aluminum artifact was not formed as the result of natural forces, but rather it was manufactured. KP UA Daily reporter Natalia Ostrowski says that it looks like a toothed metal rail, a gear that is often used in technical and electronic devices like microscopes.

It seems safe to say that we weren’t around 300 million years ago building microscopes, so we have to wonder how this little aluminum gear came into being in the first place. And that’s where the ancient alien civilization argument comes into play. There have been other ancient finds among coal deposits, including a vase thought to be dated to 534 million years ago and an iron pot thought to be 312 million years old.

Of course, this could all be either an elaborate hoax or the result of some faulty science. Either way, it’s an interesting discovery that will surely get people talking.