Google Pulls Plug on Nexus Q

Google Pulls Plug on Nexus Q


Nexus Q

The end has come for the Nexus Q as Google has pulled the plug.  Today, the Nexus Q’s status in the Google play store has been changed from “not for sale at this time” to “no longer available for sale.”  This is the final nail in the coffin for the device.

The full cancellation of the device has been long time coming since the original Q announcement in June 2012.  Shortly after pre-sale orders, Google pulled the device.  The only Nexus Q’s in hand were the ones given to the developers or the free ones given to those who had already preordered.

Hopefully Google will overhaul the design and release a new, cheaper version, or develop a Nexus TV to replace it, but we can’t say we are really surprised to hear this was canceled.  With all the media streaming devices on the market, the $299 price tag was a bit much for consumers to swallow, teamed up with the fact that it really had limited functionality.

Are you disappointed the Q won’t be released or not the least bit surprised? Conversely, were you one of the few individuals that managed to get a free Q, if so what do you think of the device based on your experiences with it?

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