Will LG Make Another Run At Windows Phone?

Will LG Make Another Run At Windows Phone?


According to an article in the Korea Times, it appears LG may be attempting another run at Windows Phone, this time with Windows Phone 8.  Besides an effort to renew interest in Windows Phone, LG also has a goal of selling 75 million headsets in 2013 between all of its Android (and soon perhaps WP) devices.

In the past, LG has been involved with Windows Phone 7 hardware, but after finding limited success decided to back out of the market and focus solely on Android instead. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer reportedly tried to persuade to reconsider making the hardware running on Windows Phone 8, but LG decided to “wait and see” instead. In fact, LG’s CEO Park Jong Seok recently said that LG had “no specific plans for other mobile platforms.” Jong Seok even previously told Korea Herald they were bailing on Microsoft because “the total unit of Windows Phones sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure.”  LG later attempted to save itself by saying that the article was not authentic.

We will have to just wait and see if LG really does attempt to make a go at Windows Phone 8 hardware. Windows Phone 7 support was less than, great so here’s to hoping second time is the charm.

Do you think they should make a Windows Phone 8, or just stick to the current OS phones they offer?

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