iSuppli: Phablet Shipments To Reach 60 Million This Year, 146 Million By...

iSuppli: Phablet Shipments To Reach 60 Million This Year, 146 Million By 2016


Big phones are were it is at. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the even more massive Huawei Ascend Mate make that pretty clear. Additionally, we are seeing more and more flagship phones hit the 5-inch or bigger mark.

Now iSuppli has piped up with its own research stating that “phablet”-sized smartphones are going to continue to grow and dominate throughout 2013 and beyond. Isuppli suggests that phablet shipments will reach over sixty million this year, up from 25.6 million last year.

By 2016, 146 million phablets could be shipping across the globe. So what’s with the change to bigger devices that push the boundaries between phone and tablet? According to iSuppli’s Vinita Jakhanwal:

“The move to offer larger-display smartphones reflects the efforts of both device and panel makers to differentiate their products. With consumers demanding more lifelike viewing experiences, the trend to offer such devices makes perfect sense, especially considering the increase in rich content that is being made available on smartphones.”

Now three years is a long ways away in the tech world. Think about the sizes and standards that were common in 2010. Its hard to say what will happen in three years. While the immediate future will likely continue the trend of “bigger is better” when it comes to phones, you never know what the next trend will be.

What do you think, will the market for massive smartphones continue to grow over the next few years or will the fade eventually die in favor of some other trend?

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