Possible Facebook Phone To Be Announced Tomorrow?

Possible Facebook Phone To Be Announced Tomorrow? [Rumor]


In the last several months there have been many rumors about the idea of Facebook possibly releasing a cell phone.  Despite the rumors, Mark Zuckerberg has adamantly denied on two separate occasions, in July and in September, that the idea of a Facebook phone is totally not true.  Now on Tuesday January 15th, Facebook has scheduled a press event.  So the question is, what is the topic of this event?

Is Facebook going to reveal a new phone to the world, or maybe unveiling a type of Facebook OS for mobile phones?  Using modified versions of existing OS’s is something that has been done in the past.  For instance Kindle Fire products have a modified Android OS running on their tablets, so the possibility of Facebook doing something similar is a real possibility.

In the past, Facebook did partner up with HTC to release a “Facebook” version of a mobile phone with dedicated Facebook buttons and better Facebook integration.  The phone however had fairly mixed reviews.  So it makes you wonder if they scrapped the idea, or maybe learned from some mistakes to perfect a second attempt.  We can speculate all day, but we will have to wait until tomorrow to finally get some real answers.

While the Facebook phone rumor continues to be circulated, based on the denials and lack of strong evidence to suggest it is coming— odds are that this press conference is probably about something else, though. Still IF Facebook made a special phone (maybe with HTC as a partner?), would you buy one?

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