Google brings out fixes for Chrome, adds Beta Channel for Android

Google brings out fixes for Chrome, adds Beta Channel for Android


A new update for Google’s Chrome browser has been pushed out today, and although nothing significantly special has been added, change notes show a good amount of bug fixes, flash updates, and other added performance increases to improve browser speed. Cosmetic-wise, nothing much has changed, other than a much needed bookmark search tool, accessible via the Chrome omnibox.

In other news, Google has now added a new Beta channel application to Google Play, allowing users to test out current in-dev functions and features for both the smartphone and tablet.

When using the Chrome Beta channel, users will see new content early and will get to test it out for themselves.

So far the Beta channel includes some interesting HTML5 features such as CSS filters, as well as an Octane benchmark performance boost of 25-30%, and although features for the Beta channel are currently quite sparse, Google’s development support for Chrome on Android is growing progressively so there is plenty of potential to see new content before others in the future.

Google has made it clear in their Beta notes that the channel may include new functions that are a little rough around the edges, which is obviously expected from a Beta channel. Users can submit bugs and problems with the app to help developers as well.

Have you updated your Chrome PC browser yet? And what are your opinions on Google’s new Beta channel for Android? Will you be using this channel from now on, or will you stick to the more stable public build?