Daily Deal: 64% off ReVIVE Solar Charger

Daily Deal: 64% off ReVIVE Solar Charger


It’s quite clear that the biggest negative of owning a smartphone is the poor battery life, and although manufacturers are doing a good job to increase battery capacity, at times it is just not good enough.

There are lots of different items available to help boost battery life or recharge battery whilst on the go, one of which is a portable charger that uses solar energy. The ReVIVE solar charger can charge a variety of different items like smartphones, tablets or MP3 players, and does a great job of it too. In a decent light the solar panels work very well, and if you’re going to be away from your main charger for a while, this is definitely a viable option to keep your devices from running out of juice.

The ReVIVE’s retail price is around $100, however right now you can get it from Amazon for just $40, saving you a decent 64%.

If you’re in need of a decent portable charging station, this deal definitely looks like a great bargain in my opinion. Would you agree?

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