A simpler outlook on 4G LTE from MetroPCS

A simpler outlook on 4G LTE from MetroPCS


4G LTE: It’s fast, it’s reliable, and it’s hitting the world by storm. However, this doesn’t mean anything to a potential new 4G user when competing mobile networks are touting their complicated 4G data plans that stand upon precarious usage policies. Because of this, finding a valuable 4G service has so far not been so easy.

MetroPCS hopes to change this, and have since brought out a range of simpler 4G plans, and what’s more is that the prices are relativity low without any strange usage limits or barriers stopping 4G data usage.

The first of the range offers full unlimited 4G data, texts and calls for just $60 a month, and nothing more. In the mid-range MetroPCS is offering unlimited everything with the first 2.5GB at 4G speeds for just $50, and at only $40, the same is being offered but with a 500MB 4G limit.

This does seem to sound a lot easier to understand than a few deals out there, but would you choose it over your current provider?