RIM Plans to Release Around Six New Blackberry 10 Devices This Year

RIM Plans to Release Around Six New Blackberry 10 Devices This Year


While Blackberry’s B10 event isn’t until later this month, that doesn’t stop RIM from talking about the future of Blackberry 10 at CES this week. Specifically, the conversation with RIM turned to hardware in a recent interview conducted by Fierce Wireless.

Yah, we know: there’s the BlackBerry Z10 and the Blackberry X10. Actually, while those are the first two devices that will launch, that’s far from their entire BB10 offering for 2013.

According to CMO Frank Boulben of RIM, we should expect at least six Blackberry 10 devices this year in order to cover the widest range of price points possible. Having a wide range of devices out the door within the first year of the platform’s life certainly sounds like a good plan, and really isn’t all that surprising.

The big question on everyone’s mind is if RIM and the Blackberry brand have what it takes to break out of being a niche product. While I personally don’t think RIM is going anywhere anytime soon, they are far from one of the big mobile players these days.

Do you think that Blackberry 10 can change their fate in the mobile market or are they doomed to stay a distant third (or even fourth?) in the mobile market going forward? Conversely, do you look forward to the Z10 and X10 or will you hold out for their other handsets later in the year?

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