Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 600 and 800 Next-Gen Chips

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 600 and 800 Next-Gen Chips



[CES 2013] Move over Snapdragon S4 Pro, you are yesterday’s news. Qualcomm has now confirmed two new chips, the Snapdragon 800 and 600, which the company says offers 75 and 40 percent better performance when compared to the S4 Pro.

The latest chips move over to 28nm high performance for mobile technology, which means even lower power consumption rates while providinig excellent overall performance. Both chips feature a new architecture. The 800 features a quad-core Krait 400 CPU, with 2.3GHz per core and the 600 has a Krait 300 quad-core at 1.9GHz.

Other improvements include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800’s abilities to record, play and display in UltraHD, even form a phone. The chip also supports resolutions up to 2560×2048 and has audio improvements such as DTS-HD and Dolby Digital Plus.

So when do the first phones and tablets featuring the processors actually hit? The first Snapdragon 600 devices are expected in 2nd quarter 2013, and the 800 follows shortly after with an expected “mid-2013” release.

For more details about the new chips, head over to Qualcomm’s blog. What do you think, excited to get your hands on a new 600 or 800-based device in the near future?