Dell Project Ophelia: Android on a Dongle Just Needs a Monitor

Dell Project Ophelia: Android on a Dongle Just Needs a Monitor


Dell appears to be making another run at the Android market, but this time not in the form of its mobile business. Instead, they are creating a dongle that has Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Loaded on it named Project Ophelia.

Dell claims to give you fast access to personal content with Ophelia by simply attaching it to a TV or display.  While there are already dongles that provide an Android experience on a larger display, not all of them are back up by Dell’s Wyse Cloud Client.  The system is being marketed as both a device for work and entertainment.

Some noteable features listed in the press release are:

  • Flexibly powered zero-battery device gets power from the attached display monitor via its MHL interface to the monitor’s MHL port, or separately via its own USB interface. No batteries to charge or change.
  • Remembers settings for each individual to enhance usability.
  • Enables instant and secure access to your personal cloud, entertainment, work content and applications wherever there is an available capable display (using a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse), including a wide variety of Dell flat-panel displays.
  • Compatible with many existing Dell Wyse thin clients and software products.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth facilitates access and communication.
  • Built on the Android 4 OS to support Web browsing, social networking, media playback and Android Apps with a possibility to extend to other services.
  • Securely connects to Windows desktops and applications running on back-end systems from all leading infrastructure providers including Citrix, Microsoft and VMware.

Dell’s Project Ophelia is set to be released the first part of this year.  We have no idea on the price of the unit at this time, but based on redundant technology, I would hope the price is relatively low.

Would you pick up one of these?  What are some applications you can think of this would be perfect for?

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