Huawei Ascend Mate 6.1-inch Phablet Confirmed

Huawei Ascend Mate 6.1-inch Phablet Confirmed


Huawei Ascend Mate

[CES 2013] Huawei sure didn’t keep its next-gen smartphones a secret. We’ve all known about the Huawei Ascend Mate for a while now, but it’s good to finally get official confirmation.

The 6.1-inch monster belongs to a group of phones some of us call “phablets”– due to being larger than your average smartphone but smaller than a tablet.

So we now know that Huawei is hoping to take on the Note 2 with its own 361ppi monster. As for the specs? It seems that our earlier rumors were pretty spot on. The phone does in fact have a 1.8GHz HiSilicon K3V3 1.8Ghz quad-core processor, and it is also confirmed to have a massive 4,000mAh battery, which is likely needed in order to power such a large phone.

In some ways, this thing makes a lot of sense. Sure, it’s a bit awkward when holding up to your ear for phone conversations, but let’s face it, most folks probably spend less than 25% of their phone time actually talking. Yes– that’s just a guess, but 25% sounds about right.

For the other 75% of the time? Folks are using apps, texting, emailing and watching video content. For that, 6.1-inches is great. Why carry around a tablet, e-reader and smartphone one you can have one device that does it all?

So when is it coming? The Ascend Mate will roll out to China later this month, but we don’t have any details about other markets. More than likely, it will roll out to the rest of Asia shortly after its Chinese launch, then Europe.

If I had to guess, North America will be last to see this 6.1-inch beast, due to their less-than-great relationship with the Chinese company.

What do you think? Is this phone too ridiculous or does its big form factor actually make sense?

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