Belkin WeMo Light Switch Turns Off and On with your Android Device

Belkin WeMo Light Switch Turns Off and On with your Android Device


[CES 2013] In the future, I imagine a world where everything around us can be controlled by a small device like a smartphone or pocket watch. As time goes by, more and more signs seem to point at how close this future might be. Belkin is currently displaying a product at CES that really shows the potential of what the future might hold.

Belkin’s new product, the WeMo light switch, allows users to turn household lighting on and off via a few taps on their Android device. The switch will then respond to the Android handset through WiFi and turn out the connected light. When you sum things up and look at how the system works, it doesn’t sound all too revolutionary, and it’s not something we haven’t seen before.

However, what’s cool about the WeMo light switch is that you can control it from anywhere, regardless of what WiFi network you’re currently connected to.

You can also set the WeMo light switch to turn on and off at predefined times, allowing you to save electricity without having to physically go and turn the lights out every time you leave for work.

Belkin’s new tech could also be useful for when you need to enter a room or garage at night when the light switch is at the other end of the room. Being able to turn on the lights remotely saves you from stumbling in the dark and wrecking furniture or knocking over lamps along the way.

The WeMo light switch is definitely a step in the right direction, and perhaps in a few years’ time we could see similar technology being applied to our home heating or other every day appliances.