3D Systems Releasing New Larger 3D Printer, the CubeX

3D Systems Releasing New Larger 3D Printer, the CubeX


[CES 2013] The evolution of 3D Printers is nothing short of exciting, and the improvements in this technology continue to amaze all us at Mobile Magazine. When it comes to evolving the technology, one of the brands that probably comes to mind is 3D Systems.

The company continues to raise the bar, and has now announced yet another new 3D printer, this one is called the CubeX. The CubeX features a build platform that can print out 1030 cubic inches. As you can see from the picture above, that means an object nearly the size of a basketball.

The CubeX features three different printing modes and a resolution up to 125 microns with 3 different print fill densities.  The CubeX, as well as its baby brother can print with PLA or ABS plastics and has a different cartridge system for each plastic.

The price tag is rather reasonable, when you factor in its possibilities, at $2,499. So when can you get your hands on the CubeX? The company is now accepting orders and will commence shipping on February 8th. What do you think, interested or not?

3D Systems Unveils CubeX 3D Printer Packing Professional Expertise With Consumer Ease3D Systems unveiled today its CubeX, the ultimate desktop 3D printer boasting the largest print volume in its category with triple-color printing making it the ideal printer for tech enthusiasts, serious hobbyists, educators and entrepreneurs. The CubeX will be on display at CES, January 8th – January 11th, 2013, in the Las Vegas Convention Center in the Main Hall, booth 15447 and the CES MomyTech Zone, booth 71003 in the Venetian.

CubeX guarantees an intuitive consumer experience with multi-color professional grade printability. Pricing starts at $2499 and includes a variety of advanced features.
Product Features:

Professional Printability – CubeX can print as big as a basketball with 1030 cubic inches of space or 10.8″ x 10.45″ x 9.5″. CubeX offers three times the options for print modes including a choice of accuracy: High Definition (125 Micron), Crisp Definition (250 Micron) and Standard Definition (500 Micron), and a choice of print fill density: Lite, Medium and Solid. CubeX prints in both PLA and ABS plastics with optional easy, breakaway supports for the most complex prints.

Print Speed – CubeX can print regulation basketball size parts up to 2X faster in 3 colors and higher definition than other 3D printers.

Material Options – CubeX prints in both compostable PLA and recyclable ABS plastics providing a range of flexibility, strength, and support options for professional utility. CubeX offers multi-color choices starting with basic single color CubeX, dual color and material CubeX Duo or the top of the line triple color multi material CubeX Trio. The CubeX Trio has the highest range of print options of any desktop 3D printer.

Smart Cartridge System – MoistureLock cartridge ensures extended shelf life and total material usage improving print quality and sustainability. The printer detects material type based on the cartridge providing automatic settings when switching materials between ABS and PLA. The cartridges are easy to load and store while preserving the life and quality of the materials.

Consumer Experience for Professionals – Professionals, educators and serious hobbyists deserve the same ease-of-use offered to mainstream users which is why CubeX has an easy touchscreen interface, lightning fast software, simple printing from a USB Flash Drive or direct USB connectivity and sleek design while delivering high speed and high definition prints in 16 color choices.

Sustainability – CubeX users can send back empty cartridges for reuse in exchange for a discount on new cartridges and send back their used ABS and PLA prints for responsible recycling or composting. All CubeX printers are shipped locally from USA and EU distribution centers reducing freight. The new CubeX uses a heatless print pad that delivers significant power conservation compared to other 3D printers. 3D Systems is committed to making consumer 3D printing efficient, affordable, and sustainable.

3D printing services – registering your CubeX for free on Cubify.com allows for easy hardware and software updates and immediate access to Cubify’s cloud printing service, whether users store designs on Cubify or use cloud printing for higher quality prints and consumer products. Cube Experts offers both email and hotline support with 16 hours each day of phone support from 3:00am to 8:00pm EST.

3D Systems has made 3D printing even easier to own and simpler to use by including 3 cartridges, 25 free prints, and Cubify Invent design software – the only 3D design tool optimized for 3D printing, with every CubeX 3D printer. Cubify.com provides a platform for CubeX users to utilize, monetize and play with 3D printing for both professional and personal interests.

“We are proud to unveil the ultimate desktop 3D printer and to offer it on our consumer platform Cubify, where prosumers can work and play in one place without sacrificing their professional needs or desires for fun printing”, said, Cathy Lewis, CMO, 3D Systems. “We are excited to see the innovations that are sure to come from CubeX educators, entrepreneurs, and serious 3D enthusiasts.”

The company is now accepting orders for shipments commencing on February 8, 2013. Order your CubeX today on Cubify.com.