Samsung Galaxy S4: What We Know So Far

Samsung Galaxy S4: What We Know So Far


Samsung Galaxy S4

In today’s tech world, we move very quickly. As soon as a new device hits the market, many consumers are already eagerly awaiting the next best thing. This is why it comes as no real surprise that rumors continue to hit the net about the Samsung Galaxy S4.

We’ve heard a lot about this device, considering we really know nothing official about it. There have been suggestions of CES debuts, MWC debuts or even a special Samsung Unpacked Unveil sometime in the 1st or 2nd quarter of this year.

So where do we currently stand with all the rumors? Here is what we know so far (or at least think we know). First, we now have an alleged rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The image comes from SamMobile and is said to be from an insider within Samsung.

Up next, we are 100% sure there will be no Samsung Galaxy S4 debut at CES 2013. In fact, according to Samsung Lebanon the earliest the phone will arrive is in May. That doesn’t mean we will see it in May, just that any claims for an unveiling before that is more than likely false.

On the other hand, rumors also say that even if the phone isn’t shown to the general public at CES, that doesn’t mean it won’t be present. Supposedly the S4 will be present but will be shown only to special partners and carriers at the show under strict NDA terms. If this is true, the image above might be real but could in fact be just a prototype variant that they are showing off to their partners and not necessarily the end-product.

How about specs? We’ve heard a ton of rumors here. Most of the rumors seem to settle on an Exynos 5450 quad-core 2GHz processor, an 8-core GPU, 5-inch 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 13MP rear cam, 2MP front-cam and Android 4.2.1.

Keep in mind that ALL of this is speculation and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Some of it might come true, other parts of it might be nothing but hype and false rumors.

Are you excited for the upcoming Galaxy S4 or do you refuse to give into the hype until we have more solid information?