RIM Hopes to Boost Device Security with New Patent

RIM Hopes to Boost Device Security with New Patent


This week, RIM has applied for and received an interesting new patent. With the recent picture leaks of the BlackBerry 10, RIM has created technology that would make the blurry inconspicuous photo a thing of the past.The company’s goal is to protect companies from breaches in security, release of unauthorized information and leaks from workers.

The system works by preventing photos from being taken until the camera has been steadily focused for a predetermined amount of time. Each individual IT department would be able to dictate how long that time is, and also turn the feature on and off on employee devices. This could be an inconvenience for shutterbugs that snap a lot of photos, but also could prevent a lot of problems that have occurred.

Now if they can just find a way to prevent their devices from being sold on Ebay ahead of their release date.

What do you think of this patent? Would this feature annoy you, or could it be a positive thing?

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