Polaroid Unveils its Own Kid Tablet, Sets You Back $149.99

Polaroid Unveils its Own Kid Tablet, Sets You Back $149.99


As the tablet market continues to grow, we continue to see more “kid tablet” efforts arise. None of these have ever taken off all that well, but that doesn’t stop companies from trying.

Now Polaroid is getting into the game with a new 7-inch tablet of its own. The Android 4.0-powered tablet includes a customized suite of apps that has titles like Kids Cam, Music Studio, Draw and more.

The Polaroid tablet also features Kids Vids, which allows them to stream safe, filtered video content from various web sites. There is also Free Play, a unique free game/apps archive that allows them to download appropriate apps that don’t cost a thing.

From the overall design you can tell this is aimed at kids, with its side and rear bumpers. The bad news is it sounds like Polaroid’s tablet is somewhat locked down in the manner that it doesn’t support official Google apps like the Play Store.

So how much will this kid’s tablet set you back? $149.99, which isn’t too bad of a price if you are looking for a reasonably capable tablet for your younger children.

What do you think of the Polaroid kid’s tablet? Worth it for younger ones or better to get a mainstream tablet and buy a 3rd party protective case?

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