App Logs Reveal iPhone 6 and iOS 7?

App Logs Reveal iPhone 6 and iOS 7?


It appears that Apple is at it again, according to The Next Web, Apple Inc is testing a new version of its iOS software. App Developers have found references in their app usage logs from a new iPhone, iPhone 6.1 powered by iOS 7 OS.

The current iPhone (iPhone 5) lists iPhone 5.1 and iPhone 5.2 operating on iOS 6 OS.  The logs show that the app requests came from Apple’s Cupertino site, which leads us to believe they are in the testing phase and checking some of the popular apps for compatibility.  Device data can however be faked, but the fact that the unique IP leads straight back to the Cupertino site, it leaves little chance of it being a fake log.

The Apple iPhone 5 was officially launched in September and the new phone is rumored to be cut loose mid 2013. Obviously we know very little on what to expect from iOS 7, though we have already heard rumors about an iPhone 5S.

Does this new “leak” make you excited there will be a new iPhone soon, or frustrated because you are just getting used to your iPhone 5?

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