Windows Phone 8 CameraPro App Offers Better Control

Windows Phone 8 CameraPro App Offers Better Control


If you’ve picked up a Windows Phone 8 device like the Nokia Lumia 920 and you really like how good the camera is on there, then you’ll like the CameraPro app even better.

No, this isn’t another one of those Instagram-esque filter-laden camera apps. Instead, it is a suitable replacement for the native camera app, giving you much faster access to the different settings and options that you would normally find on a standalone camera. Need to change the white balance, adjust the autofocus, turn the flash on and off, or switch to a different scene? No problem. All of these kinds of settings are available right from the shutter-ready screen.

You can even customize the layout of this via the settings menu, but make sure you save one of those slots for the “settings” button; otherwise, there’s no real way of restoring that on-screen button without re-installing the app. You can also change the resolution, the exposure time, the focus mode, the camera mode, the ISO (100-3200) and the exposure compensation (up to a +/- 12-step range). And yes, there’s even manual focus, which isn’t terribly common on smartphones. And then there are even deeper settings for timers, bracketing, burst, time-lapse and so on.

CameraPro is $2.49 through the Windows Phone Store.