“Touchy” Claims to Make Anyone a Human Camera

“Touchy” Claims to Make Anyone a Human Camera


So I’ll ask the obvious question, Have you ever wanted to be a camera? Yeah me either, however Hong Kong’s Eric Siu thinks you should at least give it a go with his new invention, Touchy.

This helmet based camera system claims that it can turn anyone into a kind of a human camera. The helmet is attached to the “Touchy Bulb”, a tiny globe. When another person touches the globe and the wearer for 10 seconds, a signal is sent to the helmet, apertures open over the wearers lighted eyes and a photo is taken.   The photo can then be previewed on a small 3.5 inch LCD display at the back of the helmet.

I gotta be honest, I don’t get the point. But hey maybe this is a niche in the market that I haven’t thought of. Or maybe it is just one of those things that exists because it can. What do you think? Do you want one or see a potential special use for the Touchy?

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