China Introduces World’s Longest High-Speed Rail Line

China Introduces World’s Longest High-Speed Rail Line


Have you ever wanted to go from Beijing to Guangzhou in 8 hours? If so, your dreams just came true.

Yesterday, the longest high-speed rail line was opened in China, stretching 2,298 kilometers or 1,428 miles. As mentioned before, it will only take 8 hours to complete the trip. Before this line, the fastest rail connection would get you to Beijing or Guangzhou in 20 hours.

The feat is done with the help of trains traveling at 300 kph or 186 mph. Furthermore, over 150 pairs of high-speed trains will be on this new rail line every day.

This line marks the halfway point in China’s high-speed rail plan. By 2020, the Chinese government plans to criss-cross the country with a grid of high-speed rail lines. Also, with the completion of this line, China now has over 9,300 km or 5,800 miles of high-speed rail lines and has no plans to stop building. In fact, China hopes to double this amount by the end of 2015.

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