GMail Extends its Free Calling for 2013

GMail Extends its Free Calling for 2013


Google has announced Wednesday that users of Gmail in the United States and Canada can continue to get free calling for the next year for free.

Mayur Kamat, a product manager for Gmail said in a blog “You’ll continue to be able to make free domestic all through 2013”.

All it takes to utilize this service is an internet connection and an internal or external microphone.  You place the calls from within the email client.  There is a “Call phone” option that looks like a telephone receiver, once clicked a dial pad appears within the Google Chat menu.

Voice calls were originally debuted in August of 2010 and have been extended at the end of the year through 2011, 2012 and now 2013.  In the 24 hours after it was first launched in 2010, Google Voice had 1 million calls placed and was thought at one time to take out Skype.

While only domestic calls are free for the service, they have extremely competitive rates for their international calls.  These calls start at just $0.02 per minute.

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