RIM Planning to Lower BB7 Handset Pricing

RIM Planning to Lower BB7 Handset Pricing


Blackberry 10 is almost on its way, with a launch of January 30th. While BB10 will usher in a new era for RIM, that doesn’t mean the company is planning to jump ship from Blackberry 7 completely.

According to current rumors, RIM will drop prices on existing BB7 handsets considerably after the release of their newest OS. The idea is to continue to position their older OS for emerging markets in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and elsewhere.

This is a similar move to what Microsoft is attempting to do with Windows Phone 7.x in emerging markets and parts of Asia, including an aggressive move on China.

More and more emerging markets are finding interest in smartphones, making it important potential area of growth for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

For those with a current BB7 device, do you plan to move to a Blackberry 10 handset or will you stick with what you already have?

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