Flipside iPhone Case Uses Solar Power for Charging

Flipside iPhone Case Uses Solar Power for Charging


We’ve seen quite a few game controllers for iOS and Android over the years, but the FlipSide certainly looks a bit different from what we are accustomed to.

Justice Frangipane’s team is looking to put together a unique design that uses Bluetooth 4.0 and is clipped to the back for regular everyday tasks but easy attaches to the front when you are ready to enter into a gaming session.

The design is different, but that’s not what truly makes us interested in this Kickstarter project. The FlipSide utilizes a solar cell and thin film battery that is said to keep the case powered up and ready to go, even with indoor lighting. With so many accessories needing an outlet for charging, this is a nice change.

As mentioned, this is a Kickstarter project so there are no guarantees it will ever see the light of day. That said, this seems to have both the support of iDevices (of iGrill fame) and Apple, so it is more than likely going to end up making it past the prototype stages and into “real product” territory sometime in the not too distant future. There is also an Android version in the works. For more information, hit the source link.

What do you think, would you be interested in getting your hands on the FlipSide or not?

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