Wild Blood Price Drops to $.99 for a Limited Time

Wild Blood Price Drops to $.99 for a Limited Time


We’ve reviewed Wild Blood in the past, and while not a perfect game, it is still quite a bit of fun. Still, not everyone wants to pay top-dollar for mobile games. If you are looking for a fun time-waster without paying a lot of money, you’ll be pleased to now that the game is now on sale.

The Unreal Engine 3-based game is down from its original $6.99 price point, instead offered at a measly $.99. This is a steal of price, that much is clear. Keep in mind that this is a limited time offer in time for the holidays, though no exact expiration date is listed for the promotion. With that in mind, you should probably act quick if you want to save a few bucks.

The story in Wild Blood isn’t exactly the most exciting in the world, but at least it is semi-original, which is quite an accomplishment for developer Gameloft. The game is loosely based on King Arthur’s legend, I say loosely because it basically features a cheating Lancelot, an insane Arthur and many other unique changes that make the game clearly an “original”.

Even if the story isn’t anything to get excited over, the combat and controls are enjoyable enough and certainly represents a major evolution in mobile gaming when compared to on-rails action titles of similar style.

The discounted pricing includes both the iOS and Android version. Head to Google Play to get in on the Android action, or Apple’s AppStore for iPad/iPhone users.