Samsung Reportedly Packing 5.5″ Flexible Displays for CES Trip

Samsung Reportedly Packing 5.5″ Flexible Displays for CES Trip


Flexible display technology is by far one of the coolest new concept technologies. Now that Super AMOLED and 1080p displays have been introduced, we look forward for the next big thing, and what better a place to show them off than CES 2013.

CNET has learned from Samsung representatives that Samsung Display will be boasting flexible displays at CES 2013. You may have seen videos of smaller flexible displays, as pictured above, but these are reportedly in a whole different category.

Furthermore, the 5.5 flexible display will have a 1280 by 720 pixel resolution and pack 267 pixels per inch. Although Samsung isn’t the only company playing with flexible displays, they are expected to make the first device with a flexible screen for consumer use.

Nokia, on the other hand, has showed off flexible “kinetic device interfaces” in the past. More specifically, this variant of the bendable technology allows for users to interact with the operating system via twisting and bending the screen in different ways. If you want to hear more, be sure to come to Mobile Magazine on January 8th to the 11th for updates.

Would you buy a device with a flexible display in it? Or do you think that flexible display technology is too over the top? Let us know in the comments below.

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