Tablet Version of Flipboard App Arrives Today

Tablet Version of Flipboard App Arrives Today


The Android app Flipboard was officially launched in May of this year, and while it was fine for smartphone users, it left those with a tablet wanting more. On a tablet, Flipboard just had the typical blown up design, which made using the app frustrating at best.  Users were forced to flip through huge text and giant tiles in an attempt to use the app.

Today all of that will be changing with a new version of the app being released that supports 7 inch and 10 inch tablets.  The update makes the tiles properly sized and proportioned and you can see multiples stories at once.  If you are already used to it, you can switch the app back to phone mode.  The app is free and available now at the Google Play Store.

Do the blown up phone apps frustrate you on your tablet, or is it just the nature of the beast for good content?

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