Get 44% Off GOgroove BoomBUDDY Portable 2.1 Speaker System

Get 44% Off GOgroove BoomBUDDY Portable 2.1 Speaker System


I imagine they didn’t get the official licensing from the BBC or Top Gear, but there’s no denying that the GOgroove BoomBUDDY speaker looks a lot like the Stig. Well, if the Stig got crossed with a cartoon octopus or something. And it’s on sale for 44% off the regular price too.

The GOgroove BoomBUDDY is a high-fidelity 2.1 stereo speaker system featuring a fairly large (for its relative compact size) 4-inch subwoofer. Since it has a standard 3.5mm aux-in audio port, it’ll work with just about any audio source that have. Plug in your iPhone, iPod, Android, tablet, laptop, desktop, portable gaming console or whatever else. They’ve even included the 3.5mm stereo audio cable for good measure.

As far as tech specs go, you get a SonusMAX enhanced 2.1 channel speaker system for full-range audio, pumping out 10W RMS and 20W peak. While this speaker is portable, there is no internal battery, so you will need to make use of the included AC adapter.

Some say he prefers Carly Rae Jepsen over Skrillex, and that he refuses to eat any octopus sushi. All we know is he’s called the GOgroove BoomBUDDY and he’s on sale for $44.99, which is a savings of $35 off the list price of $79.99.