Lit Motors C-1, Bike or Car? You Decide

Lit Motors C-1, Bike or Car? You Decide


Looking at the picture above, you are probably trying to decide what the heck this thing is. I’m right there with you. The Lit Motors C-1 isn’t quite a motorcycle, but nor is it really a car. This two-person transport has just a pair of wheels and has been gyroscopically stabilized so it doesn’t tip over.

In short, this thing is a crazy hybrid of sorts.

The C-1 is battery powered and has a life of 200 miles, which isn’t half bad at all. Lit Motors CEO Daniel Kim suggests you can get to work and back with the thing for less than a half-dollar a day.
Basically, this isn’t that different than a battery powered motorcycle would be but you at least have a little better protection from the elements here.

The C-1 is expected to arrive in May of 2014 for around $20,000. Before you start saving up your piggy bank earnings for this one, remember that concept cars like this come and go all the time.

I will admit this certainly looks cool, but delays happen and its hard to really say if this will ever see the light of day or not. Providing this does actually become a product in 2014, would you consider one?

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