Using Google Maps with Siri, is it Possible?

Using Google Maps with Siri, is it Possible?


When it comes to Siri, you get an excellent voice assistant. That said, it isn’t perfect. One of its flaws could arguably be that it uses Apple Maps. What if you really want to use Google Maps instead? Don’t worry, easy enough without a jailbreak.

The Jailbreak Nation video below shows us exactly how to get it done. Basically, all you are doing is talking to Siri differently. Instead of saying “take me to Target”, you say, “take me to Target using transit.”

As you probably know, Apple Maps doesn’t do transit and so this will open up a display of transit apps. Pick Google Maps and you can go from there.

Granted this isn’t a true Siri/Google Maps integration, its more of a simple trick that makes things a bit easier. That said, not everyone has problems with Apple Maps. In some cities it works quite well for basic use.

In the Australian outback? You might want a different solution though. What do you think of the new iOS version of Google Maps? Conversely, do you still use Apple Maps instead?

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