Raspberry Pi Gets An App Store of its Own

Raspberry Pi Gets An App Store of its Own


App Stores are where it is at. Google has one, Apple has two, so does Microsoft. Even Firefox has a marketplace. Now the ultra-small Raspberry Pi motherboard kit has one too.

The Pi Store is accessible both from the web or as a special app for Raspbian. At the moment there isn’t much there, with just 23 free apps. The team behind the Store effort is hoping it will grow as a resource for developers and consumers in order to make the already extremely flexible ARM computer even more useful.

For developers, there is even a way to charge for apps via the store, and there is a “tip jar” ability that lets users donate money towards developer’s app efforts even if they are technically marked as free.

Newer builds of Raspbian will have the Pi Store included, but those rocking an older version will need to manually install the Pi Store application.

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