Jelly Bean Updates Dropping for Motorola Users

Jelly Bean Updates Dropping for Motorola Users


If you own a newer Motorola smartphone, chances are you have or will be getting in on the Jelly Bean action.  Motorola had recently promised to offer more timely updates for its devices, and seems to be keeping true to their word.

Lack of updates has been an obvious deficiency for Motorola in the past, but following through with their promise, RAZR M and RAZR/ MAXXHD users recently received a Jelly Bean update.

Now it appears that the Atrix HD will soon follow suit. Motorola’s Android 4.1 update comes with many improvements to include, the speed improving Project Butter, enhanced notifications and Google Now.  Motorola is also adding to the mix Quick Settings, Drive Smart and more.

If you own a Motorola device, click on Software Updates in the Settings > About Phone section and see if an update has dropped for you!

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