Rumored iPad Mini 2 in the Works, will have Retina Display

Rumored iPad Mini 2 in the Works, will have Retina Display


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Creators at Apple are evidently already working hard on a new higher resolution and lighter version of the iPad mini.  This report comes from the Apple rumor mill DigiTimes, though it isn’t the first time we’ve heard it.

Keep in mind that DigiTime’s record for getting things right is certainly mixed, though it did recently predict Apple’s addition of retina displays in the Apple Macbook and managed to get it right.

Upgrading the resolution would be the obvious next move as Apple overall is moving to higher resolution displays.  With the iPad, Apple simply doubled the pixel count for its upgrade to “retina”.  So an improved mini would have an expected resolution of 2048 x 1536, which is the current size for the 9.7 inch iPad.

That would provide a pixel density in the 7.9 inch iPad mini of 324 pixels/inch which is about that of the iPhone5.  This would be Apple’s first attempt to use such a high pixel density on anything larger than a smartphone.

While it may be new ground for Apple, these densities have already been used by other manufacturers.  The Google Nexus 10 tablet has a pixel density of 300ppi and the HTC Droid DNA has an impressive 440ppi.

One other change, according to DigiTimes, would be the upgraded reduction in weight.  One change to help with this would be using only one LED light bar, instead of the two currently being utilized.

With Apple currently seeing cannibalization of the regular iPad sales thanks to the Mini, they are probably preparing for a future where the iPad Mini is king. What do you think of this rumor, likely or not?

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