Samsung Galaxy S3 versus Apple iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S3 versus Apple iPhone 5

Apple iPhone 5

iPhone 5 versus Galaxy S3

There has never been a greater time to buy a smartphone I’d wager. From Nokia to Samsung to Apple and even (surprisingly) LG– there is lot to love. When it comes to iconic smartphone leaders though, we still often hear the names Samsung and Apple come up.

This begs the question, which flagship device reigns supreme at the moment: The Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Apple iPhone 5? Honestly, they both have their positives and negatives. This article is less about declaring a winner and more about just pointing out the overall hardware differences.

Let’s jump in and take a look:


When it comes to processing power, there are two different versions of the Galaxy S3. The international has a quad-core, the US version has a dual-core. As for the iPhone? It is a dual-core device in all markets.

So how much difference does all that make? Less then you would think. With the US version of the S3, you get more RAM to make up for less cores. When comparing either version of the S3 to the iPhone 5, there isn’t a huge noticeable difference. Both swipe in and out of apps with relative ease. Both handle just about everything you throw at it.

As for battery life? Both perform about the same, though the iPhone 5 is said to last slightly longer.

As for other aspects like weight, the S3 is slightly heavier at 133g versus 116g for the iPhone 5, but you probably won’t feel the difference all that much. That said, the S3 has a much larger 4.8-inch screen.

Overall, the iPhone 5 does benchmark higher than the S3. That said, benchmarks don’t mean that much when it comes to everyday performance. Removing factors like OS preference, weight and size preference: these two phones both are rock solid. You won’t have to worry about the phone not handling apps or glitching. You won’t find either to be slow.


This probably plays a lot into preference as well. The iPhone 5 has a glass and aluminum design that is admittedly quite attractive. Still, the Galaxy S3’s plastic body still manages a very premium look. The 4.8-inch screen on the front also adds to the appeal in design.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Android versus iOS

In many ways it is hard to directly compare the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 because their ecosystems differ so much. They have different looks, different levels of customization, etc.

To put it simply, figure out what OS matches your tastes.

Reasons for iOS: Most users that go with iOS laud it with praise for being simple, easy to use and highly secure. Apple fans say it just works, without all the extra effort. Apple’s AppStore is also known for having more apps, particularly paid apps.

Reasons for Android: Android users like that the OS is customizable on just about every level and that it has more free apps. Additionally you aren’t locked down to just one app store.


While this varies based on carriers and where you are in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is generally a little bit cheaper than the iPhone 5. Without any special deals going on, Verizon currently prices both handsets for $199 with two year contract. That said, the S3 often goes for less during special promotions.

When it comes to buying without contract, unlocked? You can find the S3 for cheaper as well.

Apple iPhone 5


When it comes to “versus” articles, there is probably nothing more dissatisfying for a reader than to hear a draw. I know that fans of one phone or the other won’t probably like to hear this– but it is really hard to say one is better than the other.

If you like the openess of Android, the S3 wins.

If you want the neat tidy Apple experience and don’t mind being a bit locked down, you get an iPhone 5.

There are other considerations to factor in as well– such as opinion regarding the company. Some people don’t like Apple, they feel that the company is unfair and overpiced. Some also feel the same about Samsung, and feels that it copies companies like Apple and profits off of it.

Instead of us declaring a winner, we want to leave this to our readers. We invite you to comment below with which phone you think is better, and why.

Please try and be respectful of others opinions. Honestly, both phones are great in their own ways.