iPhone 5S Launching in June with Colors, 128GB, IGZO Display?

iPhone 5S Launching in June with Colors, 128GB, IGZO Display?


And let the iPhone 5S rumors begin! We’ve already heard that Apple could be releasing a new iPhone in the spring, returning to its old release schedule, but now we’re hearing some more details about the upcoming iPhone 5S. Naturally, these rumors from Peter Misek of Jefferies should be consumed with copious amounts of salt, but they are worth considering.

First, we’re hearing that the new iPhone could take the path of the iPod family and be introduced with a number of different colors. The manufacturing process will likely be similar to that of the iPod touch, giving you a metallic outer casing in your choice of colors. I’m not sure how popular that could be, but it does seem possible. I imagine most of us would still choose the monochrome options.

The business analyst also says that the new iPhone will come with some hardware upgrades, like the availability of a 128GB storage option. Given the current pricing model, that could place the top tier iPhone at a $300 premium over the base model. We’re also hearing that NFC will finally make it to the iPhone, as well as better battery life and a 4-inch 2272×1280 beyond Retina IGZO display with a pixel density of 652ppi. I think that’s wishful thinking, but considering we have 5-inch Android phones with 1080p, that’s not too far beyond that. I’d worry about battery life though.

We can fully expect all kinds of new iPhone 5S rumors in the months to follow, but here are some nuggets to munch on in the meantime.

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