LG Nexus 4 Official Bumper Back in Stock at Google Play

LG Nexus 4 Official Bumper Back in Stock at Google Play [Updated: Gone Again]

LG Nexus 4

LG Nexus 4

Looking for extra protection for your LG Nexus 4? Perhaps you are afraid of scuffing the sides of your beautiful new flagship smartphone? You’ll be happy to know that the LG Nexus 4 bumper case is back in stock at the Google Play store, allow it appears to only be back for those in the United States.

This side bumper doesn’t cover the back, but it does manage to add a little extra protection for your new investment. Additionally, the color styling is two-tone just like the LG Nexus 4 and looks brilliant. Not to mention, it isn’t a thick bumper so it doesn’t look tacky or add much bulk to your smartphone.

For those interested, it is just $19.99. You better move on this one quickly, as last time around the LG Nexus 4 bumper sold out in just a few minutes. So far, it has been online for a while now, but there is certainly no guaranteeing it will be there tomorrow. If stock is low like last time, you can pretty much bet that there will be some “enterprising” individuals that will snag up a few of these with intentions to sell them on Ebay or elsewhere.

Do you already an official LG Nexus 4 bumper? If so, do you feel like it was worth the purchase or not?

UPDATE: Looks like the bumpers are once again out of stock. Did you get yours ordered this time around?

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