Intel and Unnamed Partner are Working on an Android Tablet?

Intel and Unnamed Partner are Working on an Android Tablet?


An FCC filing has been made on Intel’s behalf for a new tablet codenamed “Red Ridge,” and with CES just around the corner, it is more than likely we will be seeing the tablet soon enough.

So far we know that Intel has shown a fair amount of interest in the mobile space, but have only released a very small amount of devices with their x86-based chips. The new Red Ridge tablet will most likely feature a dual-core Medfield Intel chipset, and will be running on Android 4.0.

Specs-wise, the only other information we can pick apart from the FCC filing is that the device will come with WiFi, Bluetooth and NFC, which is clearly not surprising.

Currently, Intel is in production stage for the product, which could mean anything from Intel having a simple prototype of the device, or that they have a full and final product very near to completion.Traditionally, Intel doesn’t make its own tablets, so who is building this one? We have no clue who the hardware partner is at the moment, though we probably will know more in early 2013.

Curious about app compatibility? While most Android devices run on ARM processors, Intel processors have proven reasonably compatible with a wide range of Android apps. Sure, some apps will not work, but overall, compatibility is pretty good.

If all of this proves true, would you consider an Intel tablet?