Google Apps No Longer Offering Free Option

Google Apps No Longer Offering Free Option


Do you use Google Apps for your small or medium-sized business? While there won’t be any major changes to current users, Google has now announced that it will no longer be offering the free version of Google Apps anymore. This only applies to new sign-ups, so existing users are in the clear for now.

This news comes by way of an email that one of the Google Apps free users received from Google. He only has a small personal blog and a single account, so “there isn’t anything that changes but I’m worried that in the future they might disable the free service.”

Google has typically offered a free option for any of its premium services, but this could indicate some changes moving forward. In any case, if you want to upgrade to the Google Apps for Business, it’ll cost you $5 per user per month. That gives you a 25GB inbox, business controls, and 24/7 customer support. they guarantee 99.9% uptime too.