Google Now Coming to Chrome Notifications And the Desktop

Google Now Coming to Chrome Notifications And the Desktop


Yesterday, François Beaufort discovered “Issue 11412291: Creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation”. The issue pertains to the structure for showing Google Now cards in Chrome with Chrome Notifications.

In short, Google will be bringing Google Now cards to Chrome with Chrome Notifications soon. Google Now’s card style of displaying information is already somewhat in use in Google Search. More specifically, if you were to Google “new york giants”, you would receive a list of the Giant’s upcoming games as well as their past games.

Making Google Search more personal would be a huge change for Google Search. If Google Now were to break free of its mobile constraints, it would become accessible from anywhere Google is.

Keep an eye out for changes in Google Search. The search giant is constantly improving its website and products in addition to making them faster and faster.

Will you use Google Now when it comes to Google Chrome? Do you even use Google Chrome as your browser? Let us know in the comments below.

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