iPhone Heart Monitor Due Next Month: AliveCor Gains FDA Approval

iPhone Heart Monitor Due Next Month: AliveCor Gains FDA Approval


The FDA has approved AliveCor’s iPhone Heart Monitor and will go on sale in the United States next month.

The AliveCor uses an iPhone 4 or 4s smartphone to record, display, store, transfer and evaluate singe channel electrocardiogram (ECG) rhythems.  The Class II device consists of a self-powered case that attaches to the back of an iphone.  The case communicates wirelessly with an associated heart monitor application on the phone.

All the user needs to do to generate a Lead I ECG is place the fingers of both hands on the rear of the device onto the electrodes and once a connection is made, the app will monitor and record the heart rhythms and rates and evaluate them.

The company is continuing its research on the device to be used for post-ablation follow up, long term atrial fibrillation monitoring, multi-specialty car integration, medication-induced QT duration response monitoring, expanding PA/RN data collection abilities, preventative pediatric care and stress induced rhythm morphology changes.  The system currently has a single-channel ECG accuracy of 94 – 100 percent.

The AliveCor Heart Monitor system currently has a price tag of $199 and can currently be pre-ordered in the US.

While this system isn’t something for everyone, those that need this technology will sure to be pleased with its mobility and effectiveness.

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