New Contact Lense Shown Off with Built-In LCD

New Contact Lense Shown Off with Built-In LCD


A new crazy idea has surfaced in Belgium: a contact lense with a built in, programmable LCD display.

Contact lenses already come in variations with graphics pre-printed on them, or lenses that change the color of your eyes.  These kinds of existing lenses are capable of everything from making your green eyes blue to turning your entire eye black.  But now, researchers in Belgium have revealed a prototype contact lense that features a built-in curved LCD display.

Currently the display can only show very basic graphics, however with the pixels covering the whole surface, future versions could display better graphics or serve a medical function as well. For instance, the lense could protect a damaged retina from sunlight.  It could even be used to dim the lense when going from a dark building out into the bright day’s sun.

You will not however be able to surf the web or anything crazy like that with these lenses due to them being directly on the eye surface, making them impossible to focus on.  However the possibilities are endless for cosmetic and medical purposes.

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