Apple Cuts iPad mini Shipping Dates to Just One Week

Apple Cuts iPad mini Shipping Dates to Just One Week


When the Apple iPad mini first hit the retail channels, it sold out pretty quickly and the shipping dates weren’t exactly ideal. However, it seems that Apple has finally gotten its ducks in a row and the supply chain is once again ready to roll, because the shipping dates for the iPad mini have been reduced to one week.

What this means is, assuming everything goes according to plan, you can order a new iPad mini from the Apple website today and you’ll get it by about December 12 or so. If you plan on giving Apple’s mini tablet to a special someone in your life as a Christmas present–especially if you’re taking advantage of the free engraving–you should probably order within the next week or so. You know how these holiday rushes can be.

In any case, it’s good that we’re not stuck with multi-week waiting lists for this tablet anymore. That applies to both the WiFi-only versions and the cellular-enabled models for AT&T, Sprint or Verison. Head over to the Apple online store to see for yourself. Prices start at $329 for the 16GB WiFi-only model of the iPad mini, going up to $659 for the 64GB version with WiFi+cellular.