Amazon Kindle FreeTime gives you an Easy Way to Restrict Kid’s Access

Amazon Kindle FreeTime gives you an Easy Way to Restrict Kid’s Access


Looking to get your family a Kindle Fire or Fire HD this holiday season? For those with small children, that means doing your best to watch what apps they are using and to make sure they aren’t getting into settings they shouldn’t be. The good news is that Amazon has now released a tool to make life much easier on parents with Kindle Fire hardware.

Kindle FreeTime is a subscription app that works by allowing kids to have personalized logins and gives them access to only family-approved apps and programs. Parents can also set time limits and can even have time limits on specific categories. For example, may you just want non-education games to have a 20 minute daily lockout, but you will allow a full hour for education games.

As you probably would expect the app also keeps your kids from seeing any ads, and prevents watching of video on demand or from making in-app prucahses.

The bad news is that paying for this kind of feature is a bit pricey. First, you need a subscription to Amazon Prime. After that, you will need to pay $2.99 a month per child, or for $6.99 you can get a family-wide license that allows use with up to six different accounts for your kids.

The feature officially roles out in the next few weeks and will also have a month trial that allows you to make sure it actually does what you want before you spend any of your money on it. What do you think, worth paying the money for the feature or not?

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