LG’s $36,000 84 inch Ultra HD TV Lands in the UK, Already...

LG’s $36,000 84 inch Ultra HD TV Lands in the UK, Already in the U.S.


The long awaited LG 84 inch Ultra HD TV has finally landed in the UK.  The TV lists for a whopping 22,500£, or the equivalent of about $36,000. Interestingly enough, U.S. customers saw the release of the set a few weeks ago for a much more affordable (yet still extremely high-priced) $20,000.

The TV boasts a mind blowing resolution of 3840 x 2160  which is rather impressive when compared to your average 720 or 1080p HDTV.  With LG’s impressive Triple XD Engine Dynamic Color Enhance and Resolution Upscaler  your lower resolution and TruMotion 240Hz media will get a boost as well.

LG says: “Picture quality has always been LG’s foremost priority, one that’s especially important now as manufacturers scale TVs to meet the trend line pointing toward larger and larger class sizes,” ”We were instrumental in developing the HD standard and, similarly, our goal now is to pioneer Ultra High Def technology to create the crisp and immersive viewing experience consumers are currently missing with large-screen TVs.”

So any of you that have an extra 20k, is this something you have had your eyes on? For those short on cash, just wait a little longer. The way technology progresses, this TV set could cost a fraction of this price within just a couple of years.

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